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Sermons 2016

​​​December 25, 2016- Jesus is the Reason for the Season                           Joe McCall

​​December 18, 2016-Do you(Really) Know Me                                          Mark Hancock

​​December 11, 2016-A Living Stone                                                            Mark Hancock

​​December 4, 2016- Heads (Up! Part 2)                                                       Mark Hancock

​​November 27, 2016- This, That & This                                                            Joe McCall

November 20, 2016-Heads Up! (Part 1)                                                      Mark Hancock

​​November 13, 2016-Behold, The Lamb of God                                           Mark Hancock

​​November 6, 2016- Let's Get It Started                                                       Mark Hancock

October 30, 2016-Get an Understanding!!                                                       Joe McCall

​​October 23, 2016 -I've got the Joy,.. down in my Heart                              Mark Hancock

​​October 16, 2016-A Hope, an Inheritance, and a Castle                            Mark Hancock

tober 9, 2016-                                                                                              Cody Kilgore

​​​October 2, 2016-Tell Me the Story of Jesus                                                     Joe McCall

​​eptember 25, 2016 - Count your Many Blessings                                            Joe McCall

​​September 18, 2016 - The Church (Made up of what?!)                             Mark Hancock

​​September 11, 2016  Called Out                                                                   Mark Hancock

September 4, 2016 - Count your Blessings                                                       Joe McCall

​​August 28. 2016- Wow! So that's what it looks like!                                   Mark Hancock
August 21, 2016-O for a faith that will not shrink-Closing Ceremony       Mark Hancock

​​August 14, 2016-RACE-                                                                                  Mark Hancock

​​August 7,  2016-O for a Faith that will not shrink-KNOCKING DOWN Walls-Mark Hancock

July 31, 2016-What a pain!  (O victory in Jesus)                                           Mark Hancock

​​24, 2016-Be  careful  little feet where you walk                                          Joe McCall

​July 17, 2016 PM- Spiritual Exercise                                                               John Tangney

​​July 17, 2016-O for a Faith that will not Shrink:Moses/Israelites Passing       Mark Hancock

July 10, 2016-All my springs are in YOU!                                                      Mark Hancock

​​July 3, 2016-Potency of the Lord's Supper                                                    Mark Hancock

​​June 26, 2016-Death                                                                                              Joe McCall

​​June 19, 2016- O for a Faith that will not Shrink-Moses SEEING by Faith      Mark Hancock

June 12, 2016-G R A C E                                                                                  Mark Hancock

​​June 5th, 2016-Establishing Christ as The "I AM"                                         Mark Hancock

​​May 29, 2016-O for a Faith that will not Shrink-Moses REFUSING by Faith   Mark Hancock

​​May 22, 2016-Are you looking for Jesus in the wrong place?                         Joe McCall

​​May 15, 2016-O for a Faith that will not Shrink: Amram & Jochebed             Mark Hancock

​​May 8, 2016-Mother's/Ladies Day                                                                       Mark Hancock
May 1, 2016- O for a Faith that will not Shrink: Joseph-Departing in Faith    Mark Hancock

​​April 24, 2016-   If you don't know me by now, you will never know me              Joe McCall

​​April 17, 2016-O for a Faith that will not Shrink​-Jacob                                       Mark Hancock

​​April 10, 2016-O for a Faith that will not Shrink-Isaac                                        Mark Hancock

April 10, 2016 PM-God is NOT Dead                                                                  Victor Mathison

​​​​April 3, 2016-O for A Faith that Will Not Shrink-Abraham-Testing in Faith      Mark Hancock

March 27, 2016-I Must Tell Jesus                                                                               Joe McCall

​​March 20, 2016-O for a Faith That Will Not Shrink-Died in Faith, Looking Afar- Mark Hancock
March 13, 2016-O for A Faith That Will  Not Shrink-Sarah-Conceiving by Faith-Mark Hancock

​​March 6, 2016-O For A Faith That Will Not Shrink:Abraham-Obeying by Faith   Mark Hancock

​​February 28, 2016-Going Home without Jesus                                                          Joe McCall

​​February 14, 2016-  Love                                                                                         Mark Hancock

​​February 7, 2016-O for a Faith that will not Shrink: Noah-Building by Faith      Mark Hancock

January 31, 2016-Stones                                                                                              Joe McCall

January 24, 2016-ENOCH-A Man Who Walked with God!                                     Mark Hancock

January 17, 2016-O For a Faith that will not Shrink(Abel)                                     Mark Hancock

January 10, 2016-O For a Faith that will not Shrink                                                Mark Hancock​​

January 3, 2016-2016 New Year's Message: 3 Perspectives for the NY              Mark Hancock​​

​​ 2015 Sermons

June 21, 2015     Father's Day                                                                              Mark Hancock

June 28, 2015    I'm Coming Home                                                                            Joe McCall

July    5, 2015    The Heart of the Matter Part I           Do you Know or Feel?       Mark Hancock​

July  12, 2015​    The Heart of the Matter Part II         Hearts and Backbones!      Mark Hancock

July  19, 2015    The Heart of the Matter Part III       What shall we do then?       Mark Hancock​

 July 19, 2015   The Heart of the Matter Part III cont.  What shall we do then?     Mark Hancock​

July 26, 2015    Worship                                                                                             Joe McCall​​

August 2, 2015  ​​The Call-Who me?                                                                      Mark Hancock

August 2, 2015 pm The Parable of the Rich Fool                                               Victor Mathison​​

​​August 9, 2015  Great Expectations: What's in your wallet?                                Mark Hancock​​

August 16, 2015 Where's you coffin?                                                                   Mark Hancock​

August 23​​​, 2015 1 John Part 1:Building confidence through shared  experiences  Mark Hancock

August 30, 2015 What do I lack?                                                                                Joe McCall​​

September 6, 2015 1 John Message No. 2: Get into The Light                             Mark Hancock​​

September 13, 2015  1 John Message No. 3:  Walk the Walk                              Mark Hancock​​

September 20, 2015  1 John Message No. 4: How hard do I have to scrub?       Mark Hancock​

September 27, 2015 1 John Message No. 5: As He is, so are we!             Mark Hancock​​

ober 4, 2015- Small Things Matter                                                            Joe McCal​​l

October 11, 2015-The Parable of the Sower-Luke 8                                  Mark Hancock​​

October 18, 2015-1 John Message No.6:Faith is the Victory                     Mark Hancock​​

October 25, 2015 -A good Combination works all the time                            Joe McCall​​

November 1, 2015​​-1 John Series No. 7-Are You Sure?                            Mark Hancock 

November 8, 2015 - He called for a light!______________ ____  _____Mark Hancock

November 15, 2015- Who do you(The world or Christ)say that I am?     Mark Hancock​​

November 22, 2015-Thanksgiving-Luke 17                                              Mark Hancock​​

November 29, 2015-Where are you in your life-Part II                                  Joe McCall​​

December 6. 2015-What to do about "The World"                                   Mark Hancock​​

December 13, 2015-The After Taste of Salvation:A Living Hope           Mark Hancock​​

December 20, 2015-Yeshua, The Son of God                                           Mark Hancock​​

December 27, 2015-Shepherds Being in the Right Place                               Joe McCall​​


​​Sermon Outlines 
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​​​Do You Really Know Me

​​A Living Stone

​​None available

​​​​Heads Up! (Part 1)

​​Behold, The Lamb of God

​​Let's Get It Started

​​​​I've Got the Joy

A Hope, and Inheritance, and a Castle


​​​​The Church (Made up of what?)

​​Called Out


​​Wow! So that's what it looks like!

​​O for a faith-Closing Ceremony


​​O for a Faith-KNOCKING DOWN walls

What a pain!  O victory in Jesus

​​​​​​​O for a Faith-Moses/Israelites Passing by Faith

​​All my springs are in YOU!

​​Potency of the Lord's Supper

​​​​O for a Faith-Moses SEEING by Faith

​​G R A C E

​​Establishing Christ as The "I AM"

​​O for a Faith that will not Shrink-Moses REFUSING

​​​​O for a Faith that will not Shrink-Amram & Jochebed
​​Mother's/Ladies Day
O for a Faith that will not Shrink-Joseph

​​​​​O for a Faith that will not Shrink-Jacob

​​O for a Faith that will not Shrink-Isaac

​​​​​​​O for a Faith that will not Shrink-Testing in Faith​​

​​O for a Faith that will not Shrink-Died in Faith

​​O for a Faith that will not Shrink-Sarah

O for a Faith that will not Shrink-Abraham

No Outline Available

​​​​O for a Faith that will not Shrink-Noah

​​​​​​​Enoch-A Man Who Walked with God!

​​O For a Faith that Will Not Shrink-Abel

O For a Faith that Will Not Shrink​​

2016 New Year's Perspective​​​​​​

​​No Outline Available

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Do you Know or Feel?

Hearts and Backbones!

What shall we do then?​​

No Outline Available

​​The Call-Who me?​​​  

​No Outline Available

What's in your wallet?​

Where's your coffin?​​

Building confidences - Part I​​
No Outline Available

Get into The Light-1 John 1:5-10​​​

Walk the Walk!​​

How hard do I have to scrub?​​1 John 3:1-3
As He is, so are we! 1 John 4:17-19

​​No Outline Available

The Secrets to Sowing​​​​

Overcomers, YES, we are: Faith is the Victory​​
No Outline Available

​​Are You Sure?​​​​

​​He called for a light?​​

​​Who do you say that I am?​​

​​​Thanksgiving Luke 17:11-19​​

​No Outline Available

​​​​​What to do about "The World"​​​

​​The After Taste of Salvation​​

​​​​​​Yeshua-The Son of God​​

​​No Outline Available