Mark  Hancock

Joe McCall
Outreach Minister
Sunday Morning Bible  Study 9:30  with Mark Hancock

​​​December 19, 2021-                                                                                       Joe McCall



​​​​July 11, 2021-Total Review of Covenant Consideration Mark Hancock
July 4, 2021-Lesson 13-What about Children and the Covenant Mark Hancock

​​June 27, 2021-Lesson 12-What about the Covenant Nation? Mark Hancock

​​J​une 20, 2021-Lesson 11-Offerings of the New Priesthood Mark Hancock

​​June 13, 2021-Acts 1-4:12 Joe McCall

​​June 6, 2021- The Angel of the Lord- Guest Speaker- Joe Nimock

​​May 30, 2021-Lesson 10-How does the CHANGE affect the PRIESTHOOD-Pt.2

​​May 23, 2021-Lesson 9-How does the CHANGE affect the PRIESTHOOD-Pt.1

​​May 16, 2021-Lesson 8-What About the SABBATH?

​​May 9, 2021-Lesson 7-What About EARLY CHRISTIANS and the LAW? pt.2

​​May 2, 2021-Lesson 6-What About EARLY CHRISTIANS and the LAW? pt. 1

​​April 25, 2021-Lesson 5- What about JESUS' EXAMPLE of keeping the LAW? Pt.2

​​April 18, 2021-Lesson 4-What about JESUS' EXAMPLE of keeping the LAW? Pt.1

​​April 11, 2021-Lesson 3-What about "FOREVER" terms in the Old Testament-Mark Hancock

​​April 4, 2021-Lesson 2-The COVENANTS of MOSES, DAVID, and JESUS--Mark Hancock

​​March 28, 2021- The Christian and the Covenant Joe McCall

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​COVENANT PROMISES

​​​​March 21, 2021-Lesson 13 part 2-The FULFILLMENTf the LAW Mark Hancock

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​March 14, 2021-Lesson 13 part 1-The FULFILLMENT of the LAW              Mark Hancock

​​March 7, 2021-Lesson 12-AGRACE system, not a LEGAL system              Mark Hancock

​​February 28, 2021-Lesson 11-WHAT could be BETTER than the LAW?      Mark Hancock

​​February 21, 2021-Lesson 10-WHEN did the NEW COVENANT come into EFFECT-Mark Hancock

​​February 14, 2021-Lesson 9-What about our FAVORITE COMMANDS?     Mark Hancock

​​February 7, 2021-Lesson 8-LAW and FAITH in GALATIANS                        Mark Hancock

​​January 31, 2021-Lesson 7-A MESSAGE from the FACE of MOSES          Mark Hancock

​​January 24, 2021-Lesson 6-From WHICH LAW were we RELEASED         Mark Hancock

​​January 17, 2021-Lesson 5-RE;EASED from the OLD                                 Mark Hancock

​​January 10, 2021-Lesson 4-The NEW that REPLACES the OLD                 Mark Hancock

January 3, 2021-​​Lesson 3-Was MOSES covenant PERMANENT?              Mark Hancock

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​​​December 12, 2021-Testing the Spirits-conclusion                               Mark Hancock

​​December 5, 2021-Testing the Spirits- continued                                 Mark Hancock

​​​​November 28, 2021-Testing the Spirits-Lesson 13-continued

​​​​November 21, 2021-Testing the Spirits-Lesson 13-Pt.1
  Due to technical difficulty it is in 3 pts.
Testing the Spirits-Lesson 13-Pt.2
Testing the Spirits-Lesson 13-Pt.3

​​November 14, 2021-Testing the Spirits-Lesson 12.3-Sincerity               Mark Hancock

​​November 7, 2021- Beginning in John 3:24                                           Jason Nicholas

​​October 31, 2021-Lesson 11-TEST the MONEY                                      Mark Hancock

​​October 24, 2021-Testing the Spirits                                                        Mark Hancock

​​October 17, 2021-Testing the Spirits                                                        Mark Hancock

​​October 10, 2021-I John 2:7-                                                                  Jason Nicholas

​​October 3, 2021-I John 1--I John 2:6                                                      Jason Nicholas

​​September 26, 2021-Lesson 7: Test the Success                                   Mark Hancock

​S​eptember 19, 2021-Lesson 6 continued                                               Mark Hancock

​​September 12, 2021-Lesson 6 TEST the RANGE of HEALINGS          Mark Hancock

​​September 5, 2021-Lesson 5-continued                                                Mark Hancock

​​A​ugust 29, 2021-Lesson 5-TEST the MEANING of "MIRACLE"           Mark Hancock

​​August 22, 2021-Lesson 4- continued                                                   Mark Hancock

​​August 15, 2021-Lesson 4-SATAN and MIRACLES                              Mark Hancock

​August 8, 2021-No Bible Class Today

​​August 1, 2021-Lesson 3-A LOVING APPROACH-                              Mark Hancock

​​July 25, 2021-! & 2-Jesus and his Enemies recap & Love the Truth    Mark Hancock

​​July 18, 2021-Lesson 1-Jesus and His Enemies                                      Joe McCall